Analyst Toolset


The Analyst Toolset allows you to analyze and report on the status of your utility system.


  • @Risk: Analyze the potential risk of a system, identify necessary updates, and provide a roadmap for allocation of resources to maintain the system.
  • Isolation Trace: Analyze facilities in a utility network during system outages and generate a list of affected customers along with their contact information for service on/off notifications.
  • Gas DOT: Leverages GIS data to create the required DOT Gas Distribution System Annual Report.

What the Analyst Toolset helps you do

  • Determine system risk based on weighted ranking factors such as public assembly, age and condition of infrastructure, maintenance needs, and other user-defined criteria
  • Utilize @Risk results to determine allocation of resources to maintain your assets
  • Analyze risks on system-wide level or facility level
  • Review results in a summary report or spatial based map grid
  • Streamline system outage management by quickly identifying impacted infrastructure, customers, and service area
  • Generate a report of impacted customers and their contact information to streamline notification efforts
  • Gas utilities can instantly generate the required DOT Gas Distribution Annual report