Field Toolset


The Field Toolset allows you to access, collect, and view data in real-time utilizing smartphone and tablet mobile technology.


  • flowGIS Mobile – Leverage the power of your enterprise GIS system from anywhere to collect and view data in real-time using a smartphone or tablet
  • GeoZIP – Provides utilities with a cost-efficient method for distributing the most up-to-date data to analysts and field personnel in an off-line environment

What the Field Toolset helps you do

  • Collect data in real time using your smartphone or tablet device
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing organizational workflows from the field
  • Increase efficiency and data integrity by eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry
  • Maximize data integrity through the integration of organizational data entry requirements and edit tracking for system audits
  • Collect data in a connected or disconnected environment
  • Easily integrate with existing IT infrastructures